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Profitmedia is a full-service mass media and PR company which provides proactive, professional and complex communication for institutions and companies mostly by means of regional mass media. By optimal combination of selected communication channels, methods and tools it enhances the impact of media production (press, radio, television and internet), communication service, PR, marketing and educational projects for the real benefit of the clients.

Our main intention is to make all our clients satisfied, gradually to achieve their strategic aims and to reinforce our reputation on the market according to their specific requirements. Individual approach and creative solving is as a matter of course for us. Thanks to hundreds of mass media partners, the client can be offered written advertising, commercials and PR with discount up to 70 per cent!

In the Profitmedia team there are experienced journalists, TV presenters, editors, mass media experts, PR managers, communicators, marketers, copywriters, scriptwriters, cameramen, film editors film directors and producers. They are all talented, flexible and experienced in all types of mass media and communication environments on local, regional, national as well as international level. Responsibility, reliability, flexibility and loyalty towards the clients are their priorities.

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