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I have the honor to cooperate with Profitmedia from its beginning. Each year Profitmedia partake of media promoting of international organ festival ARS ORGANI NITRA. Thanks for the dedicated work and professionalism of the company founder and director Ms Ing. Silvia Struharova, PhD.

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F&N Agro Slovensko

Company F&N Agro Slovakia, Ltd., expresses maximal satisfaction with Profitmedia services at the introduction of a new product (ZEAGRAN) in 2010 and 2011. Especially at the organization of conferences but also at the communications with media (press and TV).

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Agroinstitute of Nitra

"Media and communications!" ... Many people sighs and says that to get media to their event is impossible. But I have changed my opinion after cooperation with Profitmedia. Its professional and very human approach allowed us to promote our events that were addressed to the general public and where no one has been "killed" and yet appeared in media.

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Peter Kubínyi, SSN

Journalists are often asked why they have just chosen their profession, what their university gave them, how they work in the redaction, but I have never ever met with a question: Do you remember your first article? And probably it was the article that determined their further fate.

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Klára Grosmannová, Litfond

Even though the year before entering journalism university study I attended a compulsory practice in the house organ newsroom called Ponitrian builder (it was in Nitra, as I lived there), besides two colleagues in this weekly and three others in provincial newspaper Nitra voice I have not known any „live“ journalist indeed.

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