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Ing. Ján Csillag

worked in several regional media as redactor, photographer and cameraman also during his studies at univeristy. He started in sports redaction. After graduation and practices in information internet portals publishing sat down in a chair of Profitmedia production manager. He speaks English. In his spare time is attended to his girlfriend and sports.

Mgr. Bc. Katarína Šterbová

studied journalism in Nitra, PR studies added in Bratislava, photojournalism and marketing communications in Prague. She worked as a journalist in Bratislava newspapers, in telemarketing and also in Law offices, as currently ends another college – Law. She is a specialist in media law and lobbying. Easily handles the organization of events, perfectly communicates in English. In her spare time she plays saxophone and mandoline. Her versatile knowledge and enthusiasm for new challenges predetermine her for PR manager post.

PhDr. Boris Bošanský, PhD.

studied pedagogy, English language and literature at Comenius University in Bratislava. Completed his studies by doctorial studies and graduant degree, as well as traineeships in England, Scotland, Ireland and Spain. He worked for Commenius University and he also worked in various educational institutions and companies. Boris is a teacher, lector and methodics, assistant professor, PR activities and projects coordinator. He is a specialist in teaching general English, as well as professional legal-economic English. The certified courses completed his management and communitation skills. In his spare time he usually reads books, travels and practises tourism. Boris is communicative, flexible and reliable, which are key conditions for the educational projects manager position.

Ing. Silvia Struhárová, PhD.

graduated from the Slovak University of Technology and Faculty of Philosophy at Commenius University in Bratislava. In 2008 Silvia defended her PhD thesis named Electronical editing of journalistic expression and entity (Prof. Vojtek). Silvia copmleted journalism by PR courses and the Christian media studies (Prof. Zasepa), as well as English courses in Slovakia and England. Externally lectured at universities, worked in media research as well as a lector of media education. She has written some special articles and studies. Silvia is a co-author of media education textbooks for basic and high schools of the State Pedagogical Institue and also a co-author of media education university textbook for UCM. She has been acting in media for 25 years. Started in student radio and then passed through ordinal and managerial positions in nationwide and regional titles of all media types. She also had some practices from PR, communication and press (printing) services. This experience led her beginning of 2010 to the Profitmedia establishment that still manages.
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