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philanthropy and CSR

Charitable projects and activities support on the behalf of those, who really need it are ranked among the inherent part of Profitmedia key philosophy and activities.

While the charitable and philanthropic activities have already been established in Slovakia, Corporate Social Responsibility is still awaiting.
It is a concept, in which companies and organizations are focusing on the social interest to their activities. Appearing from the influence on concerned subjects inside and outside the organization - to clients, employees, shareholders, subcontractors and the local community. So all those, who the company activities in any way concern.

Social responsibility arises on a voluntary basis. It includes social, economic and ecological zone. The wider objective CSR is to create higher and higher standards of living while maintaining company profitability or the institution integrity for people both inside or beyond. CSR is a process achieving sustainable development.

For the visibility of your philanthropic and CSR activities we prepare and realize projects on key.


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