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Profitmedia is a full-service PR and mass media company which along the cooperation with the central mass media specializes on effective communication and cooperation with the regional and local mass media. The transmitting time on the radio or television, the space and extent in press or on internet websites is used according to the client´s desire.

Nowadays, complex communication services focused on high quality relationship with the public (public relations – PR) and marketing are absolutely necessary for institutions and companies.

If you need to edit a firm-journal or a local newspaper, to write a report, to broadcast a competition or an interview on the radio, to make a TV programme or a commercial spot for your political campaign, to make a banner for your website, you can rely on our experiences and contacts.  

The aim of our creative educational projects in the form of media trainings and courses is to improve communication skills and presenting skills which will help to sell your ideas, products and services in an effective and attractive way.

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Success in the digital era
on the quality of communication.

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