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The aim of Profitmedia company is a long-term, correct and successful cooperation. According to the client´s needs and social demand we prepare educational projects to support mass media competences and to improve the communication and presenting skills.

Our intention is to reinforce a trustworthy and objective picture of the Profitmedia´s clients in the mass media and in public. We also give our attention to children and the youth.
We are competent to teach them how to protect them from watching inappropriate contents in the mass media as well as from becoming addicted to the products of cyberspace. We endeavour to inspire and enthuse them about creative writing so that gradually they would be able to join in the content of all types of the mass media. Thanks to consistent conception and professional lecturers our educational projects help the participants on their way to steady orientation in the environment of the mass media, communication, marketing and commerce which can be used for their benefit.


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services proposal

  • media education for children in nursery, basic and high schools
  • build-up media skills for adults
  • daily and staying camps for young media creatives focused on media education and media production
  • creative retraining courses for adults with an interest in working in media and media production
  • postgraduate practical media workshops
  • media work-out for the staff of publicity department, internal and external communication, HR and also PR managers in companies and institutions
  • practical training of communication, presentation and media relations for managers at all levels of management

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